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Posted by the Editorial Board of Talisik | School Year 2018 - 2019

In accordance with the mission and vision of the Department of Philosophy of the University of Santo Tomas, i.e. cultivating a research oriented culture, the Concilium Philosophiae, the official organization of the undergraduate students of philosophy of the UST Faculty of Arts and Letters, established TALISIK: An Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy in order to foster a research mentality among the undergraduate students of philosophy. As a research platform primarily for undergraduate philosophy students in the Philippines, the journal seeks to publish articles across the whole range of philosophical topics, but with special emphasis on the following subject strands:

• The history of philosophy (East and West)

• The branches of philosophy, such as, logic, metaphysics, cosmology, epistemology, ethics

• Philosophical schools, such as, rationalism, empiricism, phenomenology, existentialism

• Contemporary philosophical issues and trends

TALISIK is a Filipino word. It is a contraction of “Talas” [Keenness] and “Saliksik” [Search]. TALISIK then means “Katalasan ng isip na umunawa ng anuman” [Keenness of the mind to understand anything] and “Malaliman at matalinong pagdalumat sa kahulugan ng anuman” [In-depth and intelligent search for the meaning of anything]. Based from the definition of TALISIK, the Concilium Philosophiae intends to demonstrate the acumen of undergraduate students of philosophy through their research undertakings. The journal primarily caters to the works of the UST undergraduate students of philosophy, but also welcomes contributions from other fields and institutions.

TALISIK publishes issues annually.

Copyright and ISSN

All the research articles published by TALISIK are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Commercial 4.0 International License.

TALISIK supports the Open Access Movement. Those who intend to copy and redistribute the articles published by the journal are free upon the condition that they cite the journal article or acknowledge the author.

Articles in the journal are not eligible for commercial purposes.

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If you wish to send us your feedback, general questions about the journal, questions about article submissions, theme suggestions for future issues, kindly send a message to the following contact information:

Phone: +639065023917
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E-mail: Talisik.Journal@gmail.com